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At Skyline Law Group, we provide a comprehensive range of services that require a skilled trial attorney. No matter the issue in dispute, we can provide the protection of your interests that you need.

We map out goals for you to realistically forecast what can be done and along what timeline you can expect to see results. We make sure that you understand exactly what the legal plan entails so that you can decide whether the process is worth the necessary time, money and resources.

Bellevue Trial Attorney – Serving Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Unlike other firms, we are committed to including your budgetary concerns in every decision along the way. We strive to save you or your company from financial stress at every available opportunity, helping you to achieve a resolution that does not undermine your future finances. Should costs become a limiting factor, we will help you explore alternatives and options.

We provide litigation support in a broad range of civil matters, including:

  • Business litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Construction disputes
  • Probate litigation
  • Commercial transactions litigation
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Purchase and sale agreement disputes
  • Lease disputes (commercial)
  • Quiet title actions
  • Easement disputes
  • Boundary and property line disputes
  • Partition actions
  • Breach of covenant disputes
  • Preliminary injunctions
  • Actions for specific performance
  • Earnest money disputes
  • Real estate agent and broker liability
  • Construction lien foreclosure
  • Construction defect claims

When you need a skilled Seattle area Civil Litigation and Trial Lawyer, you need look no further than the Skyline Law Group. With experience in all areas of civil litigation, our firm is well-equipped to provide legal assistance to both individual and business clients. Taking into consideration your budget and your needs, we can craft a legal solution that ensures you get the results you need at a rate you can afford.

Civil Litigation and Trial Attorneys

Our firm is committed to providing the highest quality legal services in all areas of civil litigation, including:

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions are some of the largest purchases most people ever make. This can make for high tempers and hard lines drawn in the sand, both of which make negotiations difficult and conflict resolution hard to come by. Our firm understands that both parties have their positions, and we have the experience to facilitate an amicable outcome whenever possible.  If an agreement cannot be reached, we also have the courtroom experience necessary to effectively represent our clients in court, at trial, and on appeal.

Construction Law

Construction issues can become complicated very quickly.  Frequently, there are problems with obtaining payment for work already done or  misunderstandings on the scope of work or claims of defective construction.  We can help you overcome these complications with our years of construction industry experience that includes resolution through negotiation, mediation, trial and appeals.

Business Disputes

You work hard to keep your business successful. When you run into a problem with a customer or another business, the situation can become frustrating, and resolving the conflict on your own may not always be possible or practical.  Our Washington civil litigation attorney is skilled at resolving a wide range of business related disputes through tough negotiations and in court.  We can help your company achieve your desired outcome and maintain your reputation at the same time.

Landlord Tenant – Unlawful Detainer Actions

Disputes between landlords and tenants are common. Our civil litigation attorney has helped numerous tenants and landlords, so we understand where both sides are coming from. As a tenant, you deserve a habitable living situation. As a landlord, you expect tenants to abide by the lease agreement and pay rent. Whether you are a tenant facing eviction or a landlord looking to evict a tenant, we can help.

Probate Litigation

If you need to resolve a probate-related dispute, we can help!  Probate is the legal administration of a person's assets and liabilities upon death.  We work with personal representatives and heirs to timely resolve estate administration and creditor dispute issues. We work hard to resolve disputes, but are prepared for litigation in court if that is what you need.

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