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Construction Defects

At Skyline Law Group we offer construction defect representation to homeowners and builders throughout the greater Seattle area, including King County and Snohomish County. With a broad background in construction, we have the experience and knowledge to resolve the matter efficiently with your specific needs in mind.

Seattle Construction Litigation Attorney

In many cases, we find it best to bring involved parties together on-site to discuss the matter firsthand. With the assistance of experts, we facilitate negotiations to have the work finished or repaired as needed. This approach allows us to narrow the issues, isolate problems, and directly arrive at a resolution that requires as little of your time and money as possible.

When possible, we try to keep our clients out of costly courtroom battles over matters that in many cases are based on miscommunication, providing every opportunity for the builder to correct the situation. Sometimes, however, the other party may stubbornly resist admitting fault. If the situation does escalate to a point where it needs to be handled in court, you can be assured that we are thoroughly prepared to protect your interests.

Bellevue Construction Defects Attorney

Construction attorney Michele McNeill has extensive history in the construction industry, both personally and professionally. She has a deep understanding of the construction process and common disputes, as well as cost-effective resolutions. Our team can quickly identify defects in the workmanship, as well as instances of contractual misunderstandings. We have the experience and knowledge to achieve efficient resolutions to these problems.

We provide each client a comprehensive consultation to thoroughly understand the issues involved and your concerns. To arrange a meeting, please call our office today at 866-906-9426 or 425-455-4307.