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Real Estate Attorney

Real estate law can be difficult to decipher for the average person. Whether you are making your first real estate purchase ever, or have been buying and selling for years, the details are always important. Real estate transactions involve considerable amounts of money, and you want to avoid as many surprises as possible throughout the process. At the Skyline Law Group, we understand this desire, and pride ourselves on our ability to make real estate law work for you. Read More

Foreclosure Attorney

The American dream has always been to own a home. For many, the American dream has been threatened by preditory lending practices, unemployment, and other factors beyond the average homeowner's immediate control. With foreclosure filings reaching historical highs across the United States, homeowners face losing not just their home but also the equity built by a lifetime of hard work and savings as well. If you are facing foreclosure, Skyline Law Group may be able to help. Read More

Surplus Funds

If a home is sold at auction, whether it be from a Sheriff's sale, a Trustee's sale or tax sale, in many cases the home will sell for more than what was owed by the homeowner(s) to the foreclosing entity or person.The former homeowner(s) may be entitled to recover these excess or surplus funds. Read More

Construction Defects

At Skyline Law Group, we offer representation to clients throughout Washington, from homeowners to contractors, in matters of construction and design defect. With a broad background in construction, we have the experience and knowledge to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Read More

Construction Law

The construction industry often involves high stakes - with large projects involving significant investments in labor and money. Unfortunately, not everyone acts honorably in the industry, and you may have found yourself in a situation where you no other choice but to pursue legal action. Construction law is written to work for businesses like yours, but like all areas of the law, it can be difficult to understand and even harder to use without assistance. Read More

Contract Law

Contract law issues are frequently brought to attorneys at the Skyline Law Group in Bellevue, WA. The problems that arise vary, but also are similar in many ways. When you initiate or sign a contract, you essentially are making promises. If one or both parties do not uphold their promises, the contract is in jeopardy. Contract law offers ways to resolve any disputes. Read More

Litigation Attorney

At Skyline Law Group, we provide a comprehensive range of general litigation representation. No matter the issue in dispute, we can provide the staunch protection of your interests that you need. Read More