At Skyline Law Group, of Bellevue, Washington, we are not your average law firm. We are committed to providing legal solutions that make sense and are highly customized to your exact needs and goals. In matters of construction law, real estate, employment and litigation, we guide clients step by step through the process, helping them arrive at an outcome that best positions them for success.

We provide representation in a broad range of matters, including:

We are prepared to provide litigation services, protecting your interests in any of these areas. However, we try to help the client achieve his or her goal without going to court, when possible, always aware of any budgetary concerns.

Bellevue Real Estate Lawyer — Providing Legal Solutions That Make Sense

We will listen to your goals and concerns and quickly determine what needs to be done to remedy the situation. You can be assured that you are being informed of all available options, and that we are helping you make the best possible decision for your unique circumstances.

When you are facing a distressed or underwater property, know that we understand what you are facing. We will provide you with the answers you need to navigate the process and come out in a more stable financial position.

Seattle Construction Law Attorney

With extensive background in construction, we are prepared to handle whatever construction disputes, contracts or lien matters you may be facing. We are highly successful in this area, and our clients rely on our keen understanding to help them quickly resolve whatever issues they are facing.

To arrange for a comprehensive initial consultation, please call us today at 425-455-4307 or toll free at 800-769-0487.

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